“Cath Coombs is a wonderfully intuitive teacher. She has identified the physical and mental blocks that have stopped me singing freely in the past. I would highly recommend her to any singer who wants to improve.” Andrew (Music therapist)

“Cath has taught me how to use my voice properly and to full effect. Before lessons my voice was much weaker but with Cath's help I have been able to make it stronger and fulfil it's full potential.” Tim (16)

“Cath is a real gem in the world of singing teachers; not only is she one of the kindest and easiest people to get along with, she has a real passion for getting the best from pupils' voices and is able to adapt her teaching to help people overcome their vocal obstacles. I look forward to every lesson.” Alex

“She made me more confident, she was really nice, and had lots of aural books to help me with.” Imogen (14)

"I am happy to recommend Cath - she gives encouragement and advice in just the right measures. " Janine (Imogen’s Mum)

“I love singing with Cath. I've never felt so confident singing in front of someone before.” Kathryn (16)

“Cath is a very sensitive person and very kind; she knows how to listen to the person in front of her and to find the right way to teach for the best. She believes in the student's capacity, she is full of enthusiasm, she is full of love for the music and for the student. And this is transmitted to the student.” Angela

“Thank you for your excellent teaching. You’re so cool!” Bea (11)

"Cath is an inspirational teacher who helped me find the key to open up my own voice and make it shine." Mark

"I love singing with Cath. I've never felt so confident singing in front of someone before. " Hanna (16)

"Daisy loves coming to your singing lessons. I should mention that she is really shy and has mimed singing for years without actually having the confidence to sing. The fact that she is singing in front of me and you as a teacher is a new thing. We are so happy she enjoys your classes and her confidence is growing." Daisy's mum.

" I want to say thank you again for helping me find my voice earlier this year. It really has been the most amazing gift." Kathryn

"Such an amazing lesson Cath! How you managed to get me to sing in front of you I do not know but thank you!" Simon